Management Team

Gordon Thomas Honeywell  has an outstanding non-lawyer staff led by the following individuals:

Julie Pavel

Director of Finance


Julie manages the firm’s finances. She is a CPA and has a wealth of financial experience, from working in public accounting to the financial management of firms large and small.

Evelyn Sellers

Director of Human Resources


Evelyn manages the firm’s non-lawyer staff.  From hiring, to training and day to day management, she helps us help our clients.

Jon Slaughter

IT Manager


Jon is responsible for the management, strategy and execution of IT infrastructure for our organization. He ensures our technical projects are in alignment with our organizational goals.

Anita Sutherland

Operations/Marketing/Legal Recruiting


Anita does everything else. She is the go to person to keep our space top notch, to organize firm events, coordinate marketing and legal recruiting activities, and a host of other tasks.