Eric Gilman obtains class action settlement for truck drivers deprived of wages.

A court has approved a settlement in a class action alleging improper wage withholding, pursued by GTH attorney Eric Gilman. The defendant, a short haul trucking company, unlawfully deducted wages from drivers’ paychecks to pay for incidental damage to company equipment. With a motion for a finding of liability pending, the defendant agreed to repay each driver double the amount wrongfully withheld. More than half of the individual class members collected over one thousand dollars, with the largest single recovery exceeding $13,000. “These folks knew what was happening was wrong but they were afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation,” said Gilman. “It was rewarding to get happy calls and emails when they got their settlement checks in the mail.” As part of the settlement, the defendant was also required to pay the plaintiffs’ legal expenses and discontinue the illegal wage rebating scheme.

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