James Beck wins settlement for whistleblower fired for reporting mistreatment of patients.

While working as a counselor at Western State Hospital, Michael Sekulic witnessed what he believed were acts of abuse, neglect, excessive force and cruelty against patients in the state’s largest psychiatric treatment facility.

After reporting what he saw to his supervisor, Sekulic was fired. Convinced that he was unjustly terminated, he contacted GTH attorney James Beck and filed suit. On March 2, 2016, a Pierce County Superior Court jury agreed with Sekulic, awarding him more than $110,000 in damages.

Commenting on the legal victory, Jim Beck said, “If patients are not treated fairly, the hospital staff must be able to bring this to light without fear of retribution. You cannot have a hospital reporting system that has any chance of working if the employees are afraid of retaliation.”

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