Spanish Legal Clinic Flyer

Janelle Chase-Fazio Organizes Tacoma’s First Free Spanish Legal Clinic

Gordon Thomas Honeywell has proudly partnered with Tacoma Pro Bono to create the first free Spanish legal clinic in Tacoma! GTH Partner Janelle Chase-Fazio has been instrumental in launching the new clinic. The clinic focuses on helping Spanish speaking clients through civil legal matters by pairing those in need with a Spanish speaking attorney or interpreter.  
The clinic was scheduled to launch on March 24, but due to the recent health crisis, concerns began to arise that the clinic may not open as planned. With the clinic’s first clients signed up and in need of legal services, Janelle would not be deterred, and she adapted to the new challenges we are all currently facing. Coordinating with Tacoma Pro Bono, Janelle held the first legal clinic, providing all legal services remotely via telephone from her home office, and was able to meet with four clients.  

The Tacoma Spanish clinic is held on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. If you or someone you know is a Spanish speaker in need of civil legal services, please contact Tacoma Pro Bono at 253-572-5134 to set up an appointment.  You can view the English version of the flyer by using the link below:

English Flyer