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We understand that running a successful business presents many challenges. Our goal is to provide you with sound legal guidance in starting, acquiring, operating, growing, selling or closing a business. We work closely with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries to assist them with choice of entity, formation, contracts, changes in ownership, intellectual property, issuing equity interests, taxes, mergers and acquisitions, business succession and employment practices. Together, we can help your business achieve even greater success.

Range of Services:

Starting a Business

The birth of a business is like the birth of a child. You dream about it. You plan for it. You hire professionals to ensure that your business gets the best start possible. You do those things because decisions made at the outset can have far-reaching and long-term implications. Our experience enables us to recognize the challenges of a new business – from liability concerns to tax minimization, from hiring the business team to selling interests in the company. We help entrepreneurs and business owners with these and other concerns.


Running a Business

Contracts.  Like it or not, the days of handshake deals are over.  Most businesses enter into contracts weekly or even daily. At the same time, contracts continue to become more complex.  Understanding the contract’s terms, whether it will achieve your goals, whether it is enforceable – these are the kind of worries that keep business people awake at night.  Let our experienced lawyers give you peace of mind regarding your business contracts.  Whether it is a standard form contract with customers, clients or vendors, a contract you have been presented with, or a major agreement worth millions of dollars, we will craft an agreement that best reflects your business needs and your desires.  A well-written contract can help avoid future disputes, and enable you to do what you do best: run your business.


Buying or Selling a Business

As a business owner, you know that one of the biggest decisions you ever make is deciding to buy or sell a business. A merger or acquisition can be a fast track to growth or an opportunity to move on to something new. Hiring competent legal counsel is essential at this critical juncture, as there are many complex, fast-moving parts: including how the deal is structured (stock sale, asset sale, merger) letters of intent, due diligence, purchase and sale agreements, loan documents, confidentiality and noncompetition agreements, employment agreements, real estate, vendor and customer contracts, tax considerations, and bills of sale.


Representative Matters

Sale of LLC Interests

When developer, JK Monarch LLC, asked us about bringing in investment funds to enable the entitlement process of certain plats, we worked with the developer to create an LLC for this purpose. The result was an offering of $1,000,000 of interests in the LLC, that included an initial contribution and quarterly capital calls. The LLC sold the interests to five investors, and is on target to complete the project and make payments as promised to the investors.

Purchase and Sale of Business

We represented USA Custom Guitars, a leading supplier of guitar necks and bodies located in Puyallup and owned by a husband-wife team, in the sale of their business. The owners were ready for retirement and had an opportunity to sell their business to Landon Guitars who not only had an appreciation for the business, but also retained all the employees and immediately invested in the growth of the company.

What’s in a name?

A client had chosen a folksy, distinctive name for his business, and had been using it for a decade. He came to us when another man started a similar business and gave it the same name. Our new client didn’t have a big budget so he hoped to resolve the dispute without having to go to court. We researched both businesses and wrote a polite but firm cease-and-desist letter that thoroughly explained the law and why we believed we would win a trademark ownership lawsuit. The other businessman hired a lawyer, considered his options, and chose to change his business name – all within two weeks.
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