Salvador Mungia awarded at the TPCBA Lincoln Day Banquet

GTH is proud to congratulate Salvador Mungia, TPCBA Service to Diversity Award recipient at the recent Lincoln Day Banquet.  

Sal works tirelessly to persuade others to consider alternate perspectives. Sal is a child of working-class, immigrant parents who were taken advantage of because they had little money or access to education. This led to his decision to become an attorney. He uses his position as a megaphone to promote helping the disadvantaged. He regularly argues cases for the ACLU, Legal Voice and Columbia Legal Services. He is working with a group of lawyers on a proposed new general rule that would make it more difficult to keep people of color from serving on juries simply because of their race or ethnicity. He speaks at CLEs on conscious and unconscious bias, and to the ABA Western States Bar Conference on bias in the selection and retention of the judiciary. He has published articles on why people should be allowed to use facilities for which they gender identify. The list of his accomplishments goes on and on. 

Presented by GTH Partner Lisa Kremer, Community Service Recognition Committee Chair, TPCBA.

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