Western State Hospital loses federal funding related to lack of decent patient care

As recently reported, Western State Hospital, Washington’s largest psychiatric hospital, recently lost federal funding from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Lisa Bowser, whose mother, Susan Struthers, spent over two years in WSH, suffered from numerous falls and assaults that resulted in a broken arm and hip. Struthers passed away at a different facility in 2016. Bowser, represented by GTH attorney James Beck, filed a lawsuit against WSH and the Department of Social Health Services, which manages WSH, alleging severe abuse and neglect.

Highlighting the lack of care provided to WSH patients Beck explains in a recent article from the Associated Press that, “the problem is Struthers was committed to the hospital because she could not take care of herself. Our position is that the treatment she received at WSH was a cause in the timing of her death,” Beck said.

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