Pro Bono

Providing representation for individuals, and non-profits, that can’t afford an attorney is a deeply held value for us at Gordon Thomas.  In 2023 75% of our partners provided pro bono legal services at no charge.  In 2023, a little over 75% of our associates did the same. 

In 2023, in addition to representing individuals who otherwise couldn’t afford an attorney, our lawyers represented the following non-profit organizations:

  • The Emergency Food Network
  • Joy through Tears Foundation
  • Gig Harbor Fish Food Bank
  • The ACLU of Washington.
  • St. Luke’s Memorial Church
  • Tacomaprobono
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

Gordon Thomas awarded our associate, Richard Lumley, with our Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award for 2023 for collaborating with the Family Violence Appellate Project in writing an amicus appellate brief in Desean v. Sanger.  Richard, volunteering his time and energy, helped write a brief supporting a survivor of sexual assault and was part of the successful effort in obtaining an appellate decision that strengthened the rights of sexual assault survivors.  Congratulations Richard for making a difference.