Stephanie Bloomfield wins employment discrimination case against Walmart

After a six-day trial in the United States District Court, the jury reached a unanimous verdict on March 6, 2019, finding in favor of Plaintiff Lori Jacobs on her federal Americans with Disabilities Act claims against Walmart. The jury awarded Ms. Jacobs $1,094,620 in damages. Ms. Jacobs has longstanding disabilities due to cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. In 2017, Walmart changed its policy to require pharmacists to provide immunization injections. Plaintiff asked for accommodations due to complications related to her medical disabilities. Walmart moved forward placing Ms. Jacobs on indefinite unpaid leave in April of 2017. During closing arguments, it was  said, “The only reason Ms. Jacobs is not employed today is because of her disability, and if you take that away she would still be employed.”

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