CARES Act Federal Efforts at Fraud Prevention

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides assistance to workers and employers affected by COVID-19. Because it utilizes federal funds and other funds administered through federal programs, a range of federal enforcement statutes will be implicated. These may include civil and criminal remedies that can be invoked when abuse is detected. The enforcement agency will vary depending upon the particular program involved, but the resulting civil litigation and/or criminal prosecution would be handled by the United States Department of Justice and the applicable United States Attorney’s Office. READ MORE…

Any business or individual receiving funds through any of the CARES Act programs should take immediate action if notified of any criminal or civil inquiry or investigation by a federal law enforcement agency.

For assistance in matters related to enforcement please contact Gordon Thomas Honeywell attorneys Kurt Hermanns and/or Steven Fawcett at the earliest possible stage of an investigation.