Planning for your unique family and financial goals

Asset Protection

Everyone wants to protect their hard-earned assets for their future, their retirement, and their future generations. Sometimes, people are worried about protecting their assets from creditors; they want to protect their separate property in case of divorce, or they’re worried that a child will end up in a bad marriage or have personal problems that make them unable to manage money well. We work with clients on a variety of strategies to help protect their assets for the future. Those strategies might include traditional means such as insurance, LLCs, and other corporate entities. We add to those traditional plans with thoughtful analysis of different options such as retirement planning, strategic gifting, and in some circumstances, certain types of trusts. We also help with prenups, postnups, and living-together agreements. (We will never recommend hiding assets when there is an active claim against you, as that is a surefire way to end up with even heavier penalties.)