Partnering with employers

Discrimination and Harassment

The employment law attorneys at Gordon Thomas Honeywell defend employers in a wide variety of discrimination and harassment cases, including claims based on race, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, disability, religion, age, and other protected classifications. Our attorneys vigorously defend employers in a wide variety of litigation matters in federal and state courts and with claims filed with the EEOC, Washington Human Rights Commission, and with other administrative agencies. Our attorneys routinely provide advice to employers regarding how to best respond to internal discrimination and harassment complaints, how to handle the investigation, and provide advice on investigation outcomes, including advising employers on the appropriate disciplinary/remedial action when a discrimination or harassment complaint is substantiated. Our attorneys also provide consultation to employers on best practices to prevent discrimination and harassment claims, including drafting strong anti-discrimination and harassment policies, regularly providing discrimination and harassment training, and drafting clear internal reporting procedures. Our goal is to provide our clients with advice and tools to prevent discrimination and harassment claims from occurring, and to provide a strong defense when these claims arise.